Books, articles, chapters, & shorter works.

Sara Bronin’s interdisciplinary research in the areas of property, land use, historic preservation, and energy law focuses on how law and policy can foster more equitable, sustainable, well-designed, and connected places. A list of her scholarly works appears below.  For her op/eds, click here. 




  • Preface, Handbook of Energy Law in the Low-Carbon Transition (DeGruyter; Giuseppe Bellantuono, Lee Godden, Hannah Wiseman, Hanri Mostert, and Hao Zhang, eds.) forthcoming 2022


    Land Use and Transportation Policies Addressing Climate Change, Global Climate Change and U.S. Law (American Bar Association Press; Michael Gerrard, Jody Freeman, and Michael Burger, eds.) 3d ed. forthcoming 2022

  • Heritage-Related Disaster Policy in the United States, The Cambridge Handbook of Disaster Law: Risk, Recovery, and Redevelopment (Cambridge University Press; John Travis Marshall, Susan Kuo, and Ryan M. Rowberry, ed.) forthcoming 2022
  • Adapting National Preservation Standards to Climate Change, Toward Sustainability and Equity: Envisioning Preservation Policy Reform (Columbia University Press; Erica Avrami, ed.) 2021
  • Historic Preservation Issues in Real Estate Development, Environmental Aspects of Real Estate and Commercial Transactions, 5th ed.(American Bar Association Press; Kevin R. Murray, ed.) 2021
  • The Promise and Perils of Renewable Energy on Tribal Lands, Tribes, Land and the Environment (Routledge; Sarah Krakoff and Ezra Rosser, eds.) 2012
  • National Report – United States, Architectural Heritage, Sites, and Landscapes Seized by Urban Law (Bruylant Press; David Renders et al., eds.) 2019
  • Solar Rights in the United States, Delivering Energy Policy in the EU and US: A Multi-Disciplinary Reader (Edinburgh University Press; Raphael Heffron and Gavin Little, eds.) 2016