Books, articles, chapters, & shorter works.

Sara Bronin’s interdisciplinary research in the areas of property, land use, historic preservation, and energy law focuses on how law and policy can foster more equitable, sustainable, well-designed, and connected places. A list of her scholarly works appears below.  For her op/eds, click here. 




  • Research Directions for Historic Preservation Law, A Research Agenda for Land Use and Planning Law (Edward Elgar Publishing; Sarah Schindler and John Infranca, eds.) forthcoming 2023 

  • Land Use and Transportation Policies Addressing Climate Change, Global Climate Change and U.S. Law (American Bar Association Press; Michael Gerrard, Jody Freeman, and Michael Burger, eds.) 3d ed. forthcoming 2023
  • Heritage-Related Disaster Policy in the United States, The Cambridge Handbook of Disaster Law: Risk, Recovery, and Redevelopment (Cambridge University Press; John Travis Marshall, Susan Kuo, and Ryan M. Rowberry, ed.) forthcoming 2022
  • Adapting National Preservation Standards to Climate Change, Toward Sustainability and Equity: Envisioning Preservation Policy Reform (Columbia University Press; Erica Avrami, ed.) 2021
  • Historic Preservation Issues in Real Estate Development, Environmental Aspects of Real Estate and Commercial Transactions, 5th ed.(American Bar Association Press; Kevin R. Murray, ed.) 2021
  • The Promise and Perils of Renewable Energy on Tribal Lands, Tribes, Land and the Environment (Routledge; Sarah Krakoff and Ezra Rosser, eds.) 2012
  • National Report – United States, Architectural Heritage, Sites, and Landscapes Seized by Urban Law (Bruylant Press; David Renders et al., eds.) 2019
  • Solar Rights in the United States, Delivering Energy Policy in the EU and US: A Multi-Disciplinary Reader (Edinburgh University Press; Raphael Heffron and Gavin Little, eds.) 2016