Sara Bronin has consulted on complex matters and large-scale projects with lasting, significant impacts on a place or places.  Accordingly, she has primarily consulted for institutional clients, governments, and law firms, and she rarely works directly with individuals.  Her consulting work has taken three primary forms:  attorney, advisor, and expert witness.  

As an attorneySara has negotiated hundreds of project documents with developers, owners, consultants, architects, construction managers, neighbors, local nonprofit organizations, investors, and public entities at all levels.  She has also represented clients in litigation matters related to land use and historic preservation.  

As an advisor, Sara has helped government entities at the local and state levels advance various programs and policies, including in the areas of land use, historic preservation, and energy  

As an expert witness, Sara has used her expertise in property, land use, historic preservation, and local government matters to contribute to litigation in Florida, Minnesota, Maryland, and Texas.  

All of Sara’s consulting work has been conducted through Voladizo LLC, which takes its name from the Spanish word for “cantilever.” Note that her federal service may bar her from conducting certain consulting activities.  Click here for more on Sara’s background. 


  • Property:  eminent domain, takings, adverse possession, landlord-tenant rights, easements, covenants, title (ownership) disputes. 
  • Land Use:  planning and zoning.
  • Historic Preservation:  landmarks, historic districts, the National Register, tax credits, preservation/conservation easements.
  • Energy:  renewable energy, shared solar, special districts, solar zoning, solar rights.