Conferences, rallies, and civic engagement events.

Sara Bronin speaks about how to create vibrant, equitable, and sustainable places.  

On the academic side, she has lectured at architecture and planning programs at Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Penn, the University of Chicago, and MIT, among others.  She has also spoken at many law schools, including Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Cornell, Georgetown, Wash U St. Louis, University of Virginia, University of Michigan, American, Fordham, and Vanderbilt.  

On the professional side, she has been featured at the annual conferences of the International Downtowns Association, U.S. Green Building Council, National Trust for Historic Preservation, National Alliance of Preservation Commissions, American Planning Association, American Institute of Architects, Environmental Law Institute, American Solar Energy Society, and American Council of Renewable Energy.  She also has spoken at events for legal professionals, including the International Municipal Lawyers’ Association, American Bar Association, and American Law Institute conferences.  

Sara has spoken at public rallies, such as the March for Science, cultural celebrations, such as Mexican Independence Day, and civic engagement events. For a full list of prior speaking engagements, check out her CV here.  





  • Property:  eminent domain, takings, adverse possession, landlord-tenant rights, easements, covenants, title (ownership) disputes. 
  • Land Use:  planning and zoning.
  • Historic Preservation:  landmarks, historic districts, the National Register, tax credits, preservation/conservation easements.
  • Energy:  renewable energy, shared solar, special districts, solar zoning, solar rights.