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Property Law 101 is intended to help you learn a little more about property law! These videos are meant to be a quick overview or refresher – not exhaustive treatments of the subject, and certainly not legal advice. 

The series covers four fundamental questions:  (1) What is property?  (2) How do we acquire property?  (3) What can we do with property?  (4) How are property interests held? Click on the titles to get the video! 


Episode 1: Introduction 

Episode 2: The Blackstonian Bundle – & its Myth

Episode 3: How Much Do You Own?  Hinman v. Pacific Air Transport

Episode 4: The Right to Destroy:  Eyerman v Mercantile Trust Co.

Episode 5: People as Property:  The Antelope & The Amistad Case

Episode 6: Personhood Theory


Episode 7: The Root of Title:  Discovery, First Possession, Creation, & Labor 

Episode 8: The Concept of Res Nullius

Episode 9: “Discovery”:  Johnson v. M’Intosh

Episode 10: First Possession:  Pierson v. Post

Episode 11: First Possession:  Popov v. Hayashi

Episode 12: First Possession:  Watercourses:  Prior Appropriation v. Riparian Rights 

Episode 13: First Possession:  The Rule of Capture  

Episode 14: The Commons – and its Tragedy 

Episode 15: Creation & Intangible Property

Episode 16: Lost, Mislaid, or Abandoned?

Episode 17: Relativity of Title:  Armory v. Delamirie, McAvoy v. Medina

Episode 18: The Elements of Adverse Possession

Episode 19: The Rationales for Adverse Possession

Episode 20: Limits on Adverse Possession

Episode 21: Tacking in Adverse Possession

Episode 22: The Elements of Prescriptive Easements


Episode 23: The Elements of Trespass

Episode 24: The Right to Exclude: Jacque v. Steenberg Homes

Episode 25: The Public Trust Doctrine

Episode 26: Who Has Rights to the Beach?

Episode 27: Three Beach Cases

Episode 63: The Freehold Estates (Including Fee Simple)

Episode 64: Life Estates

Episode 65: Defeasible Fees

Episode 66: The Rule Against Perpetuities

Episode 67: Sharing Property

Episode 68: Tenancy in Common

Episode 69: Joint Tenancy

Episode 70: Tenancy by the Entirety

Episode 71: Marital Property: Community & Separate Property

Episode 72: Marital Property: O’Brien v. O’Brien

Episode 73: Leases: What They Are, How They Work

Episode 74: Comparing Leasing and Owning  

Episode 75: Leasing and Default Rules

Episode 76: Four Types of Leaseholds

Episode 77: Tenant Exit: Subleases & Assignments

Episode 78: Tenant Exit: Mitigating Damages: Sommer v. Kridel

Episode 79: The Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment & Constructive Evictions

Episode 80: The Implied Warranty of Habitability

Episode 81: The Takings Clause & Its Elements

Episode 82: Eminent Domain: Prelude to Kelo: Berman v. Parker & Hawaii Housing v. Midkiff

Episode 83: Eminent Domain: Kelo v. City of New London

Episode 84: Eminent Domain: Kelo’s Aftermath

Episode 85: Just Compensation

Episode 86: Takings and Physical Occupations: Loretto v. Teleprompter Manhattan CATV Corp.

Episode 87: What are Regulatory Takings?

Episode 88: Regulatory Takings: Pennsylvania Coal Co. v. Mahon

Episode 89: Regulatory Takings: Penn Central v. NYC

Episode 90: Regulatory Takings: Categorical Takings

Episode 91: Regulatory Takings: Lucas v. S.C. Coastal Council

Episode 92: Regulatory Takings: The Denominator Search in Palazzolo, Tahoe-Sierra, and Murr

Episode 93: Exactions: Nollan, Dolan, & Koontz